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Below are some very common questions we do receive, but please feel free to contact us at any time should you have any additional questions. 

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Has your material passed all necessary Child Safety and Regulations, Laws & Codes?

As far as safety, this material has passed all CPSIA Child Safety rules and inspections. The material also has no VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds), no pvc, no lead, and is phthalate free.

People do ask about the material for these decals, it is very HIGH QUALITY and made from a wall fabric material which is 100% polyester.

This is NOT like the cheaper material you will find on-line from some other decal makers that sell their decals for very low prices.  While their prices may be lower their material might not have been passed through all the necessary child inspection laws and regulations like our material has. 



How do these decals work? Are they like a sticker?

All of these decals are very easy to apply to your wall. They come pre-cut on sheets and all you have to do is PEEL and STICK them up on your wall, it's that easy!!!  Some decals sold online do NOT come pre-cut so you will literally have to cut them out by hand with small scissors.  But our decals all come printed and pre-cut, so all you have to do is peel them off the sheet and place them up on the wall.  No cutting and no masking is involved for using our decals.

And at any time if you want to re-arrange your nursery, these decals are completely removable and reusable, so you can always design your own layout and try different combinations.

A few other features about our decals are the material we use is considered an upper-end item, this material is more expensive than vinyl but you will notice the high quality and craftsmanship immediately.   These decals can be removed from your wall and placed in other locations if you want to re-arrange the way your nursery looks.  Most other decals do not have this feature for re-location and reuse.  Also our decals are UV resistant and water resistant as well, which is great in case you little one spills on the wall :)

We do offer samples if this material, so if you would like a FREE SAMPLE please just write us and provide your shipping address and we will send out a free sample right away.



Do these decals take the paint off of walls if I want to remove and reuse them?

No. These decals will not take the paint off of your wall, but we do suggest if you have recently painted your walls, you should let your paint dry at least several weeks before applying these decals. This will ensure that paint has settled and dried onto your wall or surface and there is no surface moisture present.



Do you guys make custom or personalized orders?

We can do some customization to these designs depending on what you were looking for. These designs are very large and do require time to create, so depending on the customization you want there is a custom fee for building the new design.

Please feel free to contact us with your request and we can determine what can be done. Possible customization's can be color or size changes, as well as mixing and matching from different layouts.



What shipping service do you use and do you ship International?

For all buyers in the United States we use USPS Priority Mail. And yes we do ship worldwide using USPS First Class International.  Free tracking information is provided with every order.  Also please note that for international orders you may have to pay a tariff or import fee depending on the country you live in. 



Where are these decals made?

All of our decals are made specifically for your order here in Southern California (U.S.A.).  We do NOT outsource or drop-ship at all, we take pride in hand-making these for your specific order.  There is unfortunately a lot of knock off and cheap products being made overseas, and a lot of these products have not gone through the rigorous testing that our material has.  A lot of these decals made overseas are mass produced at poor costs and poor craftsmanship. 



What is the time frame for shipping out the decals once my order is placed?

We aim to print and ship out your decals in about 4-5 business days from the time the order is placed.  Each of these decal sets is custom made from scratch specifically for your order.  Once your package ships out you will receive a confirmation email with the tracking number for your order.  We use Priority Mail with the USPS which ensures quick delivery once your package ships out. 



Will I be covered as a customer in case the package is damaged in the mail?

Yes. We always make sure to work with our customers, in the rare case an item gets damaged in the mail we will work with you to fix the situation immediately. We very much value our customers and you business, so we will always be here for our customers.






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